• L-Moov from SIC Marking – Your portable laser marking solution at your fingertips


    – Usable without protective goggles in your work environment

    – Guaranteed safety for the operator and surrounding employees

    – Unique patented system certified and inspected by an independent organization


    – Marking heavy and bulky parts without handling them

    – Allows marking of any part geometry thanks to versatile support noses

    – Replaces a bulky secure station


    – Robust, lightweight, and ergonomic

    – Effortless setup and marking initiation with a simple trigger 

    – Control software allowing simplified data entry via barcode reader


    – Easy and error-free reading of your QR codes and datamatrix

    – Aesthetic marking of text and logos


    – Interchangeable noses for optimum modularity

    – Customized nose development for specific shapes 

    – Quick nose change: quarter-turn system


    Transport cart

    – More mobility

    – Integrates all accessories (PC, controller, head, and nose)

    Marking Station

    Transforms into a LASER marking station with a single movement

    – Equipped with a motorized platform for easy and quick adjustment, allowing you to mark small-sized parts.


    – Designed and manufactured in Europe

    – Fiber laser, long component lifespan ≥ 100,000 hours

    – No maintenance required

    – 2-year warranty

    Want to learn more? Contact us at office@gts-automation.hu.

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  • Explore 10 compelling reasons to opt for a semi-automatic or fully automatic pallet wrapping machine

    Discover 10 compelling reasons to upgrade from manual pallet packaging to a semi-automatic or fully automatic wrapping solution.

    pallet wrapper turntable

    1.Consistent and Uniform Film Application:

    An operator manually packing pallets may struggle to maintain consistent tension throughout the wrapping process, leading to variations in the quality of packaging. Using a machine for pallet wrapping eliminates this issue, ensuring a constant and uniform application of the film.

    automatic pallet wrapper with arm
    pallet wrapper turntable

    2. Professional Packaging:

    Machine-wrapped pallets result in a professionally finished product. Manual wrapping often leads to an inconsistent and unappealing appearance, which can affect the overall image of your pallets in customer warehouses. Opting for machine wrapping resolves this concern, presenting a polished and professional look that aligns with your company’s image.

    3. Operator Training:

    Packing pallets by hand requires specific techniques to avoid damaging the product or compromising its security during transport. High staff turnover or multiple operators necessitate continuous training to ensure proper packing and adherence to safety regulations. Machine pallet wrapping eliminates the need for extensive operator training, addressing this challenge efficiently.

    4. Enhanced Operator Safety:

    Manual pallet packing, when done correctly, is arduous and poses a risk of back pain for operators when performed incorrectly. The human body is not designed to bend while carrying approximately 3 kg, all while trying to tension the film on the pallet. Wrapping with a machine eliminates this safety concern, reducing the likelihood of work-related accidents associated with manual pallet packing.

    5. Product Assurance:

    Manual packaging is often met with the “good enough” approach, potentially compromising product security during transport. Establishing and enforcing a standardized packaging procedure is crucial for ensuring the operator’s responsibility in maintaining adequate film tension. Machine pallet wrapping eliminates the “good enough” syndrome, preventing customer complaints and product damage resulting from inconsistent manual packaging.

    6. Damage Control:

    The difficulty of manual packing may lead operators to prioritize completion over the thorough securing of goods during transport. Machine pallet wrapping ensures consistent packing, reducing the risk of damage to goods during transit.

    7. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

    Pallet packing is the final step in the production process and the first interaction a customer has with a potential supplier. Inconsistent manual packaging can create a perception of lower quality. Maintaining a consistent standard in the last operation is essential for customer satisfaction. Machine pallet wrapping eliminates variability, presenting a professional image to customers.

    8. Film Consumption Reduction:

    While the primary goal of pallet wrapping is secure transportation, cost reduction is also important. A machine allows for better control of film consumption by eliminating excess film applied by well-intentioned operators. Beyond a certain point, additional film does not enhance stability but results in unnecessary consumption. Machine pallet wrapping addresses this concern, ensuring cost-effective and efficient wrapping practices.

    9. Costs of Damaged Manual Film Rolls:

    A hidden expense in manual packaging lies in the discarded rolls that are damaged or forgotten in the locations they were used. This cost can account for up to 15–20% of the total manual packaging expenses. Machine pallet wrapping eliminates this issue, reducing wastage and associated costs.

    10. Enhanced Quality Control:

    Manual packaging inherently lacks the repeatability needed for consistent wrapping. Variables such as different operators, varying times of the day, and fatigue make it challenging to standardize packaging quality. Machine pallet wrapping allows for the elimination of these variables and the definition of precise wrapping parameters, ensuring repeatability and the establishment of a quality standard. Wrapping pallets with a machine addresses this challenge.

    Eliminating any of the mentioned points provides a strong justification for adopting machine pallet packing. What are your thoughts?

    Explore our comprehensive range of pallet wrappers.

    Want to learn more? Contact us at office@gts-automation.hu.

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  • Orbital Packaging Solutions

    Specifically designed horizontal wrapping machines are used to spirally wrap products with stretch film in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

    These horizontal horizontal wrapping machines are perfect for wrapping plastic tubes, aluminum extrusions, metal, plastic, and wood profiles, as well as any product that has a horizontal development.


    Horizontal wrapping machine ideal for wrapping products with stretch film.

    The height of the two belts is easily adjusted by means of a crank handle, while the display control panel allows the user to program various functions, including the start and end position of wrapping, the number of film turns at the beginning and end of the cycle, and the type of wrapping desired, making the machine highly customizable and versatile.

    The machine is capable of different types of wrapping programs, including continuous wrapping, head-to-tail wrapping and interval tying, while the automatic film cutting and hooking system with double stroke system ensures efficient workflow. In addition, products are held firmly in place by pneumatic presses at the infeed and outfeed, and the speed of the fifth wheel and belts is easily adjusted via the inverter.

    Finally, the machine is equipped with a quick reel change system, which allows for increased productivity and working speed. With its advanced automation, versatility and customization offered, this horizontal wrapping machine is perfect for stretch film product wrapping operations in a variety of industries.

    orbital packaging

     – start and end position of winding

    – number of film revolutions at the beginning and end of the cycle

    – type of winding

    Wrapping programs:

    – continuous wrapping

    – head-tail wrapping

    – interval wrapping

    Automatic film cutting and hooking with exclusive double stroke system; infeed and outfeed conveyors for product handling. Inverter for adjusting the speed of the fifth wheel and belts, pneumatic inlet and outlet pressors for product holding. Quick reel change.

    Discover our packaging solutions.

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    Discover the new SIC MARKING LASER STATION FOR MARKING METAL LABELS (TAGS) with automatic label feeding

    TAGMARK LASER is a fully automated system that allows you to simultaneously manage the feeding and marking of your metal labels, on a single workstation, secured and synchronized with your own data.

    • Laser marking head 20W class 1 (available in different power capacities)
    • SIC FACTORY AUTOMATION software – included
    • 1 or 2 feeding systems (when dealing with 2 different label sizes)
    • Label feeder
    • Steel chassis
    • Automatic feeding with labels
    • Marking in series (up to 100 labels) or per unit


    TAGMARK LASER is available in standard or specific mode, as a stand-alone station or integrated in the production line. As standard, TAGMARK LASER is equipped with an i104 EASY laser head with a 20W fiber laser source


    – Laser fiber (variable frequency) 
    – Energy consumption 750W 
    – Wavelength 1064 NM 
    – Digital axis control (linear and rotary) 
    – Ultra compact: 4U Height (177 mm)



    – Long lifetime of the components ≥ 100,000 h
    – Self-diagnosis function
    – Air cooling
    – 2 years warranty (optional 5 years warranty)


    It offers 3 user profiles, predefined cycles and the possibility to customize your own marking cycle

    DATA IMPORT – simple & easy

    – File selection and data entry with a 1D or 2D barcode reader
    – Import of marking data: references, variables, amount of tags
    – Database formats: csv, xlsx or xls
    – Instant display of part’s marking on screen

    THREE USER PROFILES – Adaptability

    – Operator: standard launch of a predefined marking cycle
    – Advanced user: possibility to modify the marking criteria of a predefined cycle
    – Supervisor: customize advanced settings
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  • Flux Weighing

    The Dini Argeo DLW Series checkweigher is a compact and cost-effective solution for quality control

    Robust and versatile, the DLW Series has earned a reputation for accuracy and long-lasting durability. It is ideal for almost any industry that uses conveyors to transport packages, and can be integrated into existing production lines—providing a seamless weight check to ensure the quality of outgoing products. With the ability to checkweigh statically or dynamically, the DLW Series is adaptable to each customer’s unique needs and space requirements.

    Dini Argeo offers conveying, feeding and sorting systems to position, pace and divide material to be weighed, labelled, discarded and reused.


    Systems for verifying weight that are small, dependable, and accurate (+/-). Particularly well suited for integration with manufacturing and/or shipping conveyor lines for a weight check that ensures the output products’ quality and quantity. dynamic or static operating modes. Start and stop – acceptable, MID R51.



    dini argeo checweigher


    • Packs can be weighed statically or dynamically, automatically or partially automatically with the operator.
    • Through a cadence photo cell, the cadence belt is controlled to maximize the number of packs per minute that the instrument can weigh (optional).
    • Setting the density coefficient for each item, based on its milliliter weight.
    • Alarm enabling and tolerance indication times are programmable.

    Check your tolerance:

    • As planned, using an article database and the setting of three tolerance thresholds, the packets were physically divided into seven different groups
    • Using an article database and customizable weight thresholds (min/max).
    • With rapid entry functionality, upon weight criteria (min/max).
    • Each executed weigh is printed out, with the potential for eventual automatic storage in the alibi memory.
    • After a predetermined number of weights, an automatic printout is generated, and the incomplete total is cleared.


    • After a predetermined number of weights, the belt can automatically zero out in either a static or dynamic manner (up to 2% of its capacity).
    • The belts can be stopped for manual expulsion or weight adjustment, or the automatic expulsion can be controlled through a special relay contact (the expeller is not included in the supply).
    • Ethernet or RS485 network connectivity options.
    • For each piece, the expeller can be delayed and its default tare can be programmed.
    • Automatic weigh time and pack positioning computation for system performance optimization.
    • 1000-item database with customizable alphanumeric descriptions, targets, tolerance thresholds, and predetermined tare for each article.
    • choosing the article by reading its bar code.
    • The ability to store, process, and print 5 distinct codes is a feature of advanced bar code management.
    • calibration and configuration of the instrument using the PC tool.
    • Reports should provide statistics of the checks and/or actions, the standard deviation of the executed weighs, and totals by class and/or article, along with the date and time of the cycle’s start and end.
    • connecting potential to a control light

    GTS Automation is partner for Hungary of Italian company Dini Argeo, weighing systems producer.
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    • Mobile Ramps on Stock (6 or 8t)


      for loading/unloading various loads in the warehouse with the help of forklifts and pallet trucks. They are indispensable when it comes to the significant volume of logistics work in the warehouse.
      Because mobile loading ramps are portable, their position can be easily changed according to any need.

      mobile ramps
      loading unloading ramps
      warehouse ramps
      mobile ramps warehouse


      • Front Bumpers
      • Forklift support plates for each sides
      • 1200 mm high side protection barriers
      • Electro-hydraulic system for lifting front and rear flaps
      • Tent above the carriage way of the ramp


      mobile ramps dimension


      • CE Certificate
      • Steel construction designed for load distribution
      • Front and rear flaps with high quality construction hinges
      • Front flaps hydraulically foldable in two parts
      • Front flaps made of 12/13 mm teardrop pattern plates
      • Open length 10500 mm, closed length 8020 mm 350 mm high side protection barriers
      • Movable soles for matching the ground
      • High manoeuvrable heavy load castors
      • Landing gear legs with two speed levels for height adjustment
      • Manually operated hydraulic system for lifting front and rear flans
      • Platform floor made of galvanized forge-welded gratings for anti-slip

      Please contact us at sales@gts-automation.hu.
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      Turnkey Solution, Plug & Play Palletizing Cell, Uses Universal Robots Collaborative Robots And Can Be Put Into Operation Immediately After Delivery. it Improves Working Conditions And Reduces The Number Of Staff Accidents. It Does Not Require Monitoring Due To The Palletizing Program And Existing Sensors. In addition, it works continuously, without breaks, which leads to increased productivity



      ✓ Quick Amortization of the Investment

      ✓ Workspace Optimization – Minimum Ground Footprint.

      ✓ No Advanced Robot Programming Skills Required.

      ✓ Versatility – Palletizing Scheme Can Be Easily Modified



      1. STANDARD

      • Palletizing Cell Equipped With Left / Right Pallet Positioning Sensors.

      • Robot Clamping Pedestal 850mm Height.

      • UR 10e-Series Universal Robots Collaborative Robot.

      • Gripper Box Clamping System Based On Vaccum Powered Suction Cups.

      • Robot Box Palletizing Program According to the Beneficiary’s Requirements


      2. OPTIONAL

      • Robot Lifting System That Allows High Palletizing

      • Infeed Conveyor For Robot Feeding Boxes

      • Cardboard Separator Holder

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    • Pallet truck scales: logistics at your fingertips!

      weighing pallet truck

      Do you need to weigh goods handled on pallets quickly and in total safety? Dini Argeo TPW series pallet truck scales are the right solution for you.

      Dini Argeo offers a complete range of rugged, functional and high-performance pallet trucks to meet the weighing needs in any type of working environment: from warehouses, production departments, receiving and shipping of goods, to environments with high hygiene requirements, such as food industries, chemical industries, laboratories and use in hazardous areas.

      industries weighing

      Why choose a pallet truck scale?

      The pallet truck scale is a real mobile scale that combines the classic function of handling with the weighing function of the scale. Dini Argeo pallet truck scales allow you to quickly and accurately weigh any type of product on pallets directly where it is needed, to control incoming and outgoing goods and to avoid overloading the shelves. You can say goodbye to the old fixed platform, save time and space and reduce the repeated loading and unloading maneuvers.

      TPW Dini Argeo range

      Dini Argeo has recently renewed the entire range of TPW series pallet truck scales improving the weighing features and making them unique on the market. Choose them because:

      ✔️ They are the most accurate on the market, providing up to 200 g resolution as standard and 100 g optional.

      ✔️ They are available with capacities up to 2500 kg, to facilitate any handling operation.

      ✔️ They are rugged, built with solid carpentry to withstand accidental impacts. 

      pallet truck

      ✔️ They are fully customizable to meet specific customer’s needs.

      ✔️ Thanks to the state-of-the-art indicator, integrated printer and available communication interfaces, TPW pallet trucks allow you to monitor loading and unloading phases, print receipts and quickly transmit all data to external computer devices.

      Excellent quality, 100% made in Italy.

      Dini Argeo pallet truck scales are manufactured in Italy, in the Dini Argeo factory in Fiorano Modenese. Each pallet truck is tested and provided with a calibration certificate, as a guarantee of the declared accuracy.

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    • How can a pallet be changed in 60 seconds?

      How can a pallet be changed in 60 seconds?

      With Toppy Easy Changer, changing pallets is extremely easy. The use of stationary pallet changers allows you to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies, logistics warehouses, retail centers and any company that constantly moves cargo and goods on pallets.

      Toppy stationary equipment is designed to perform heavy tasks and using innovative and state-of-the-art systems developed by Toppy with over 40 years of experience working closely with leading brands in each sector.

      Toppy stationary pallet exchangers can have an inclination of up to 180 ° (raw materials) and no rotation or inclination (finished products).

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    • YOUR pasta packed with REEPACK!

      We offer a complete range of reliable and compact semi-automatic or automatic packaging machines, made entirely of stainless steel and designed to meet any kind of need in terms of productivity, safety and processing quality. 

      The right solution for the YOUR product.

      Our solutions for packaging fresh pasta in Modified Atmosphere are designed to respect and protect your pasta-based products and extend their shelf-life.
      The Modified Atmosphere allows you to best preserve your highly perishable product by eliminating oxygen and, if necessary, to protect it by avoiding any crushing.

      With our Tray Sealers and Thermoformers you can pack fresh pasta such as gnocchi, tortellini and ravioli inside either a pre-formed or a thermoformed tray that will suit your product perfectly.
      For products that do not require rigid packaging such as lasagna, or for tagliatelle nests that only need a flat tray support inside the bag, you can use one of ours horizontal Flow Wrapping machine.  

      All our machines are optimized for the use of eco-sustainable materials.

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