Turnkey Solution, Plug & Play Palletizing Cell, Uses Universal Robots Collaborative Robots And Can Be Put Into Operation Immediately After Delivery. it Improves Working Conditions And Reduces The Number Of Staff Accidents. It Does Not Require Monitoring Due To The Palletizing Program And Existing Sensors. In addition, it works continuously, without breaks, which leads to increased productivity



    ✓ Quick Amortization of the Investment

    ✓ Workspace Optimization – Minimum Ground Footprint.

    ✓ No Advanced Robot Programming Skills Required.

    ✓ Versatility – Palletizing Scheme Can Be Easily Modified




    • Palletizing Cell Equipped With Left / Right Pallet Positioning Sensors.

    • Robot Clamping Pedestal 850mm Height.

    • UR 10e-Series Universal Robots Collaborative Robot.

    • Gripper Box Clamping System Based On Vaccum Powered Suction Cups.

    • Robot Box Palletizing Program According to the Beneficiary’s Requirements



    • Robot Lifting System That Allows High Palletizing

    • Infeed Conveyor For Robot Feeding Boxes

    • Cardboard Separator Holder

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  • Pallet truck scales: logistics at your fingertips!

    weighing pallet truck

    Do you need to weigh goods handled on pallets quickly and in total safety? Dini Argeo TPW series pallet truck scales are the right solution for you.

    Dini Argeo offers a complete range of rugged, functional and high-performance pallet trucks to meet the weighing needs in any type of working environment: from warehouses, production departments, receiving and shipping of goods, to environments with high hygiene requirements, such as food industries, chemical industries, laboratories and use in hazardous areas.

    industries weighing

    Why choose a pallet truck scale?

    The pallet truck scale is a real mobile scale that combines the classic function of handling with the weighing function of the scale. Dini Argeo pallet truck scales allow you to quickly and accurately weigh any type of product on pallets directly where it is needed, to control incoming and outgoing goods and to avoid overloading the shelves. You can say goodbye to the old fixed platform, save time and space and reduce the repeated loading and unloading maneuvers.

    TPW Dini Argeo range

    Dini Argeo has recently renewed the entire range of TPW series pallet truck scales improving the weighing features and making them unique on the market. Choose them because:

    ✔️ They are the most accurate on the market, providing up to 200 g resolution as standard and 100 g optional.

    ✔️ They are available with capacities up to 2500 kg, to facilitate any handling operation.

    ✔️ They are rugged, built with solid carpentry to withstand accidental impacts. 

    pallet truck

    ✔️ They are fully customizable to meet specific customer’s needs.

    ✔️ Thanks to the state-of-the-art indicator, integrated printer and available communication interfaces, TPW pallet trucks allow you to monitor loading and unloading phases, print receipts and quickly transmit all data to external computer devices.

    Excellent quality, 100% made in Italy.

    Dini Argeo pallet truck scales are manufactured in Italy, in the Dini Argeo factory in Fiorano Modenese. Each pallet truck is tested and provided with a calibration certificate, as a guarantee of the declared accuracy.

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  • How can a pallet be changed in 60 seconds?

    How can a pallet be changed in 60 seconds?

    With Toppy Easy Changer, changing pallets is extremely easy. The use of stationary pallet changers allows you to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies, logistics warehouses, retail centers and any company that constantly moves cargo and goods on pallets.

    Toppy stationary equipment is designed to perform heavy tasks and using innovative and state-of-the-art systems developed by Toppy with over 40 years of experience working closely with leading brands in each sector.

    Toppy stationary pallet exchangers can have an inclination of up to 180 ° (raw materials) and no rotation or inclination (finished products).

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  • YOUR pasta packed with REEPACK!

    We offer a complete range of reliable and compact semi-automatic or automatic packaging machines, made entirely of stainless steel and designed to meet any kind of need in terms of productivity, safety and processing quality. 

    The right solution for the YOUR product.

    Our solutions for packaging fresh pasta in Modified Atmosphere are designed to respect and protect your pasta-based products and extend their shelf-life.
    The Modified Atmosphere allows you to best preserve your highly perishable product by eliminating oxygen and, if necessary, to protect it by avoiding any crushing.

    With our Tray Sealers and Thermoformers you can pack fresh pasta such as gnocchi, tortellini and ravioli inside either a pre-formed or a thermoformed tray that will suit your product perfectly.
    For products that do not require rigid packaging such as lasagna, or for tagliatelle nests that only need a flat tray support inside the bag, you can use one of ours horizontal Flow Wrapping machine.  

    All our machines are optimized for the use of eco-sustainable materials.

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  • SIC MARKING launch two new portable marking equipment, E-touch and E-touch XL!

    The New Portable Marking Equipment Represents A Real Innovation, Thanks To Their Touch Screen Design, Lightweight Plastic Body And Built-In Controller. SIC Marking Consolidates Its Leading Position In The Field Of Permanent Marking, Demonstrating The Ability To Develop Advanced Equipment According To Customer Requests And Needs.

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  • Pneumatic equipment for the food industry!

    We offer a wide range of pneumatic equipment for the food industry. Equipment with hygienic and environment resistant designs for efficient automation in food processing and packaging applications.

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    Built to withstand extreme washing environments, the CW90X industrial scale is specially designed to meet the sanitary requirements of the food industry. Its stainless steel construction and the degree of protection IP69K allow the complete sanitization of the entire surface of the scale using water jets of high temperature and high pressure. The weight indicator offers unique features, such as the piezoelectric keyboard without mechanical wear that is designed to last over time, even in the harshest environments.


    – The CW90X complies with NSF International standards which provide certification services for meat processing equipment.

    – Red bright LED screen with adjustable contrast to ensure optimal weight display even at low temperatures and in low light conditions.

    – The robust piezoelectric keyboard offers exceptional durability, unaffected by the sharp points of the knife or another abrasive treatment, being particularly easy to clean and designed to last a long time in the food industry.

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  • Mobile lifts for handling buckets and barrels of different sizes

    MOBILE LIFTS – a single equipment for lifting, transporting and emptying canisters

    Mobile lifts are easy-to-use equipment that allows the efficient lifting and transport of containers (small barrels, buckets), with manual operation, and that favors the inclination of the use of the barrels in order to achieve continuous transfer and guarantees the safety of employees when it is about handling containers up to 50 kg


    MOBILE LIFTS – for handling buckets and barrels of different sizes

    By using MOBILE LIFTS, the canisters are tightened and transported very easily from one place to another, reducing the transportation time and the chances of one of the employees being injured. The principle of operation is very simple:  – the canisters are hung and placed on the support, supported on the two support arms, and the rotating device with manual operation allows a slight inclination, realizing the content transfer

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    No problem for the systems of forming and closing cardboard boxes with adhesive tape!

    The use of the formation and closing systems of the “american boxes” (boxes with flaps) has the effect of increasing the productivity and the level of automation. Even if they are semi-automatic or automatic, they can be integrated seamlessly into existing packaging lines, even in small spaces.

    The first stage in the production process is the formation of boxes. These are introduced, folded, in the system’s storage, as they come from the typography. Then, the system takes each box, opens it and closes the flaps at the bottom.

    In the second stage, the adhesive tape on the bottom of the box is applied. The box is then pushed in the filling area. The filling of the boxes can be manual or completely automated. Subsequently, the closed box is positioned in the system, which takes it and applies the adhesive tape to the top.

    In the third stage, the boxes are transported on a gravitational conveyor, located at the exit of the system, which can be directed to the palletizing area.

    American boxes formation and closing systems are suitable for use with the full range of box sizes.


    • Average productivity up to 1000 boxes / hour
    • Simple, fast and intuitive settings
    • Quick installation and flexibility in handling
    • Eliminates any interference between flaps during box formation
    • Make perfectly rectangular boxes
    • Built in accordance with the safety regulations in force of the EC
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  • Shrink Forming Line

    This wonderful packaging result originates from the combination of the sealing technology for protruding products and the contour cut system on our Thermoforming machines.

    The “shrink” effect is obtained both due to the special foil adaptable to the shape of the product, and the connection with the heat shrinkage and wear tunnels

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