Flux Weighing

The Dini Argeo DLW Series checkweigher is a compact and cost-effective solution for quality control

Robust and versatile, the DLW Series has earned a reputation for accuracy and long-lasting durability. It is ideal for almost any industry that uses conveyors to transport packages, and can be integrated into existing production lines—providing a seamless weight check to ensure the quality of outgoing products. With the ability to checkweigh statically or dynamically, the DLW Series is adaptable to each customer’s unique needs and space requirements.

Dini Argeo offers conveying, feeding and sorting systems to position, pace and divide material to be weighed, labelled, discarded and reused.


Systems for verifying weight that are small, dependable, and accurate (+/-). Particularly well suited for integration with manufacturing and/or shipping conveyor lines for a weight check that ensures the output products’ quality and quantity. dynamic or static operating modes. Start and stop – acceptable, MID R51.



dini argeo checweigher


  • Packs can be weighed statically or dynamically, automatically or partially automatically with the operator.
  • Through a cadence photo cell, the cadence belt is controlled to maximize the number of packs per minute that the instrument can weigh (optional).
  • Setting the density coefficient for each item, based on its milliliter weight.
  • Alarm enabling and tolerance indication times are programmable.

Check your tolerance:

  • As planned, using an article database and the setting of three tolerance thresholds, the packets were physically divided into seven different groups
  • Using an article database and customizable weight thresholds (min/max).
  • With rapid entry functionality, upon weight criteria (min/max).
  • Each executed weigh is printed out, with the potential for eventual automatic storage in the alibi memory.
  • After a predetermined number of weights, an automatic printout is generated, and the incomplete total is cleared.


  • After a predetermined number of weights, the belt can automatically zero out in either a static or dynamic manner (up to 2% of its capacity).
  • The belts can be stopped for manual expulsion or weight adjustment, or the automatic expulsion can be controlled through a special relay contact (the expeller is not included in the supply).
  • Ethernet or RS485 network connectivity options.
  • For each piece, the expeller can be delayed and its default tare can be programmed.
  • Automatic weigh time and pack positioning computation for system performance optimization.
  • 1000-item database with customizable alphanumeric descriptions, targets, tolerance thresholds, and predetermined tare for each article.
  • choosing the article by reading its bar code.
  • The ability to store, process, and print 5 distinct codes is a feature of advanced bar code management.
  • calibration and configuration of the instrument using the PC tool.
  • Reports should provide statistics of the checks and/or actions, the standard deviation of the executed weighs, and totals by class and/or article, along with the date and time of the cycle’s start and end.
  • connecting potential to a control light

GTS Automation is partner for Hungary of Italian company Dini Argeo, weighing systems producer.