Orbital Packaging Solutions

Specifically designed horizontal wrapping machines are used to spirally wrap products with stretch film in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

These horizontal horizontal wrapping machines are perfect for wrapping plastic tubes, aluminum extrusions, metal, plastic, and wood profiles, as well as any product that has a horizontal development.


Horizontal wrapping machine ideal for wrapping products with stretch film.

The height of the two belts is easily adjusted by means of a crank handle, while the display control panel allows the user to program various functions, including the start and end position of wrapping, the number of film turns at the beginning and end of the cycle, and the type of wrapping desired, making the machine highly customizable and versatile.

The machine is capable of different types of wrapping programs, including continuous wrapping, head-to-tail wrapping and interval tying, while the automatic film cutting and hooking system with double stroke system ensures efficient workflow. In addition, products are held firmly in place by pneumatic presses at the infeed and outfeed, and the speed of the fifth wheel and belts is easily adjusted via the inverter.

Finally, the machine is equipped with a quick reel change system, which allows for increased productivity and working speed. With its advanced automation, versatility and customization offered, this horizontal wrapping machine is perfect for stretch film product wrapping operations in a variety of industries.

orbital packaging

 – start and end position of winding

– number of film revolutions at the beginning and end of the cycle

– type of winding

Wrapping programs:

– continuous wrapping

– head-tail wrapping

– interval wrapping

Automatic film cutting and hooking with exclusive double stroke system; infeed and outfeed conveyors for product handling. Inverter for adjusting the speed of the fifth wheel and belts, pneumatic inlet and outlet pressors for product holding. Quick reel change.

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