ergonomic lifting

Mobile lifts for handling buckets and barrels of different sizes

MOBILE LIFTS – a single equipment for lifting, transporting and emptying canisters

Mobile lifts are easy-to-use equipment that allows the efficient lifting and transport of containers (small barrels, buckets), with manual operation, and that favors the inclination of the use of the barrels in order to achieve continuous transfer and guarantees the safety of employees when it is about handling containers up to 50 kg


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MOBILE LIFTS – for handling buckets and barrels of different sizes

By using MOBILE LIFTS, the canisters are tightened and transported very easily from one place to another, reducing the transportation time and the chances of one of the employees being injured. The principle of operation is very simple:  – the canisters are hung and placed on the support, supported on the two support arms, and the rotating device with manual operation allows a slight inclination, realizing the content transfer