No problem for the systems of forming and closing cardboard boxes with adhesive tape!

The use of the formation and closing systems of the “american boxes” (boxes with flaps) has the effect of increasing the productivity and the level of automation. Even if they are semi-automatic or automatic, they can be integrated seamlessly into existing packaging lines, even in small spaces.

The first stage in the production process is the formation of boxes. These are introduced, folded, in the system’s storage, as they come from the typography. Then, the system takes each box, opens it and closes the flaps at the bottom.

In the second stage, the adhesive tape on the bottom of the box is applied. The box is then pushed in the filling area. The filling of the boxes can be manual or completely automated. Subsequently, the closed box is positioned in the system, which takes it and applies the adhesive tape to the top.

In the third stage, the boxes are transported on a gravitational conveyor, located at the exit of the system, which can be directed to the palletizing area.

American boxes formation and closing systems are suitable for use with the full range of box sizes.


  • Average productivity up to 1000 boxes / hour
  • Simple, fast and intuitive settings
  • Quick installation and flexibility in handling
  • Eliminates any interference between flaps during box formation
  • Make perfectly rectangular boxes
  • Built in accordance with the safety regulations in force of the EC

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