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Automatic Identification (Auto ID) solutions have become integral components across various industries, revolutionizing processes by seamlessly and accurately identifying objects, assets, and products. These technologies, including barcode scanning, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), QR codes, and more, offer a wide array of benefits ranging from enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations to improved data accuracy and increased traceability.









Barcode scanners are essential tools used across industries for automatic identification and data capture.

They quickly read barcodes, translating them into information for inventory, pricing, and tracking. 

Two common types are handheld and fixed-mount scanners. Handheld scanners are versatile and portable, ideal for retail, healthcare, and logistics. They can read 1D or 2D codes, corded or cordless, ultra-rugged, on count or interactive kiosks etc. Fixed-mount scanners are integrated into conveyor systems, automating high-speed production and distribution lines. 

Industries benefit from barcode scanners by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and traceability. They expedite checkout processes in retail, improve patient safety in healthcare, and optimize inventory management in logistics, ultimately streamlining operations and improving customer experiences.

We offer a large range of scanners for all the major producers on the market: Datalogic, Zebra, Honeywell, Motorola etc.


Driving Efficiency and Innovation with Industrial Mobile Computers!

Industrial mobile computers have emerged as essential tools in the modern manufacturing landscape, revolutionizing the way businesses operate. These rugged devices are purpose-built to withstand challenging environments, enabling seamless connectivity and data management across various sectors.

Equipped with robust hardware and specialized software, industrial mobile computers empower workers to perform tasks efficiently on the factory floor, in warehouses and retail, healthcare and even in the field. Their durability ensures reliable operation in harsh conditions, from extreme temperatures to dusty or wet surroundings. This reliability translates into increased productivity, reduced downtime, and ultimately, enhanced profitability for businesses.

One of the defining features of industrial mobile computers is their adaptability. They seamlessly integrate with existing systems, allowing real-time data exchange and synchronization. This capability leads to smarter decision-making as managers gain insights into operations, supply chain management, and inventory control. These devices also facilitate automation and streamlined processes, reducing manual errors and improving overall workflow.

Furthermore, industrial mobile computers serve as catalysts for innovation. They enable the implementation of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analytics, paving the way for predictive maintenance and data-driven insights. As industries evolve, these devices are at the forefront of driving efficiency and shaping the future of manufacturing.


Interactive kiosks have revolutionized the way we engage with information and services. These sleek, user-friendly stations offer a dynamic and intuitive experience for users across various settings. Whether in retail, tourism, healthcare, or education, interactive kiosks provide an innovative means of interaction.

At the forefront of modern technology, interactive kiosks seamlessly bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. With vibrant touchscreens and intuitive interfaces, users can effortlessly access a wealth of information, make transactions, and complete tasks. From browsing product catalogs and obtaining directions to making reservations and checking medical records, the possibilities are boundless.

Interactive self-service displays with touch screens for streamlining orders, increasing sales, and thereby improving operations. Relieved from order-taking tasks, the staff can focus on serving customers and are also protected from prolonged physical contact with money.

Interactive displays for enhancing customer satisfaction and quick access to information: price checks, inventory status, colors, etc.


With RFID solutions, you will automatically know the location of critical items for your business, whether you’re tracking products in stores, medications in hospitals, or goods entering and leaving warehouses. Customized for your environment, application, and conditions, RFID solutions are designed to enhance your efficiency.

Full RFID lines for transportation & logistics, manufacturing, medical, retail & hospitality, or field mobility:

Portable RFID readers and compatible RFID scanners
Fixed RFID readers and infrastructure
RFID antennas
RFID printers
RFID labels and consumables
RFID software

RFID solutions from Zebra, etc.