YOUR pasta packed with REEPACK!

We offer a complete range of reliable and compact semi-automatic or automatic packaging machines, made entirely of stainless steel and designed to meet any kind of need in terms of productivity, safety and processing quality. 

The right solution for the YOUR product.

Our solutions for packaging fresh pasta in Modified Atmosphere are designed to respect and protect your pasta-based products and extend their shelf-life.
The Modified Atmosphere allows you to best preserve your highly perishable product by eliminating oxygen and, if necessary, to protect it by avoiding any crushing.

With our Tray Sealers and Thermoformers you can pack fresh pasta such as gnocchi, tortellini and ravioli inside either a pre-formed or a thermoformed tray that will suit your product perfectly.
For products that do not require rigid packaging such as lasagna, or for tagliatelle nests that only need a flat tray support inside the bag, you can use one of ours horizontal Flow Wrapping machine.  

All our machines are optimized for the use of eco-sustainable materials.